Friday, October 27, 2006


Here are some long awaited, and quite anticlimactic pictures of my apartment.

Floorplan and furniture ideas...


At 10/28/06, 4:16 AM, Blogger PhotoMom said...

well..thank you bro! I love the place. I love the couches! Nice job on those! And one of my favorite things is that leather chair with ottoman, are you thinking of getting one? So, all those photos, are they of your view? Cool view Bro. Do you have a view of that river you showed? That is very nice!! Thank you for finally posting. :) I am a happy camper. But how does that title relate to #1?? Did you break the code, or am I missing it?

OMG.... I just re-read the title. You genius. You are a freakin genius!! HOW FUNNY!!!!! DAMN you almost got me.

At 10/28/06, 8:43 PM, Blogger Innisanimate said...

I almost spelled it Hap-pee, just so you wouldn't miss it. Glad you got it.

Thinking about the leather chair and ottoman since I found a good price online. I really just need a coffee table, but am procrastinating.


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