Monday, October 09, 2006

If urine my neighborhood...

This is where I live. Isn't it frikkin sweet!?!

Oh. I have a couch now. Well, a love-seat and a chair anyway. Make that a super comfortable love-seat and chair. I wanted to get a sleeper for all you possible visitors, but it was just too big for my living room. So bring your inflatable mattress.


At 10/10/06, 6:07 AM, Blogger PhotoMom said...

Urine trouble when you can't associate the title with pee any more...what will we do!? guess you will have to move on to other bodily functions. So..who reads this besides me? Hopefully you sent the link to the fam.

I love the place. I can't wait to see actual photos of your place. Just don't post the address, incase you a stalker wanting to lock you up and take over your kick a$$ apartment.

It is nice to see and hear about your place and your life...we need to keep doing will get easier. Your friends from work seem to be pretty good at it. I love reading about the Work guy, because you are involved sometimes! :)


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