Saturday, September 30, 2006

Urinal Cakes

Seriously...who the hell thought that was a good name? I am quite certain that nothing in the pies, cakes, and tarts family should be associated with peeing.


At 10/1/06, 7:29 PM, Blogger PhotoMom said...

good. glad to see you start one of these thingies. you are very missed all the way up there -- where you live! (incase it is a secret!). well, hopefully I can see your apartment and all that fun stuff soon. take some good pics it is fun...and you should share the link with some of the fam so they can keep in touch too!

:)later bro

quote of the day..."were you listening to the dude's story Donny?"

At 10/1/06, 7:30 PM, Blogger PhotoMom said...

I just got your blog name...takes me a while! very good!


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