Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wee Little City

I took some pictures of a model of Millenium Park I made.

Isn't it cute... awwwwwww.


At 10/3/07, 7:01 AM, Blogger PhotoMom said...

You made a model?? Is this in 3D on the computer? I doubt you are building a real model in your apartment are you? Is this the drawback to living so high want to see everything like you are on the 32nd floor!? (I dont know what I am talking about.) Glad to see a few posts..didnt know you were posting again! Glad to see the titles keeping to theme!

At 10/5/07, 2:00 AM, Blogger Innisanimate said...

**SPOILER** it's not really a model. I just did a Photoshop trick to make it look like macro photography. Cool, eh?


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